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The conjoined word also joins some strokes of the text so that a group of words becomes a whole. Stroke is one of the important elements of writing, and the design of the conjoined words is mainly reflected in the change and connection of the strokes of the words. Figure 2-30 shows the completion of the instance.

Figure 2-30 Completion effect

Technical Tips

In the design of conjoined words, it is possible to change the size, length, or direction of the text strokes, so that the independent text can be connected and become a whole. At the same time, if the local strokes of exaggeration and deformation processing, but also can make the text more lively, as shown in Figure 2-31.

Figure 2-31 Making an overview

Production steps

(1) Start Photoshop, open this book with CD-ROM Chapter-02 "material. jpg" file, as shown in Figure 2-32.

Figure 2-32 with the CD-ROM file

(2) Select the Horizontal Text tool in the Toolbox

, enter the English letter in the corresponding position in the view, as shown in Figure 2-33.

Figure 2-33 Creating text

(3) The opacity of the newly generated text layer is set to 20% in the Layer palette, as shown in Figure 2-34.

Figure 2-34 Setting the opacity of the text

(4) In the Layer palette, create a new layer 1. Use the Pen tool in the Toolbox

, draw the path of the heart shape in the view, as shown in Figure 2-35.

Figure 2-35 Drawing Path

(5) Press the key to convert the path to a selection. The selection is then populated with red (r:255, g:106, b:152). Press the key to cancel the selection, as shown in Figure 2-36.

Figure 2-36 Fill Color classification:

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