PS Fast to face whitening and refinement of facial features skills

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This tutorial mainly introduces some cosmetic methods of the facial characters. It includes the color of the characters and the beautification of the facial features. The original material pixel is better, the skin does not need too much grinding skin, but the facial features part is not very fine need further refinement.

1, open the original material, the background layer to copy a layer.

2, the material in the girl's hand and face neck of the skin obviously there are many differences, we put aside first. Step by step to the destination.

3, with "Polygon lasso tool" to select the hand, press CTRL + J copy to the new layer.

4, the original material picture total tone for warm, skin tone a bit red. We can adjust the color balance directly by CTRL + B, select the Cyan value:-75.

5, now it seems that the skin has been much better, light away from the "delicate and white" seems to be a lot worse. Next, we change the layer blending mode of the replica layer to "filter", and the opacity of the layer is changed to: 50%.

6. Create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer, press CTRL + M to adjust the shading of the screen.

7, then we use the Dodge tool to strengthen the face of the high light area, with a deepening tool to strengthen the face contour.

8, lip processing, select the Dodge tool to adjust the brush to the appropriate size, and then the original high gloss of the lips 1.1 points. Here I also used a deepening tool to deepen the overall contour of the lip.

9, hide the hand layer, merge other visible layers and use the Lasso tool to select the eyes and surrounding skin, press CTRL + ALT + D Feather value 10, and then press CTRL + J to copy to the new layer, then press CTRL + T to change freely, adjusting the eye type you think is beautiful.

10, with the same method of the eyelid folds move down the point, and then choose to deepen the tool to deepen the eye contour and eyelashes, so that the eyes more brilliant.

11, a new layer, stamped layer. Use the burn tool to smear along the edge of the eye to make the eye look bigger. Use the Lasso tool to select the Eye section and feather properly. Press CTRL + U to color. Determine which Dodge tool to use to strengthen the eye light portion.

12, repair the pouch part, select a part of the repair tool to repair the pouch of the grain.

13, with lasso tool to select eyebrows and hair, appropriate feather. Use deepen and curve tool to adjust, effect oneself satisfied.

Finally, the overall adjustment of the color, complete the final effect.

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