Ps filter tips: how to use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effect ?, Filter photoshop

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Ps filter tips: how to use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effect ?, Filter photoshop

This article shares tips on using the Ps filter: How can I use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effects? In Photoshop, the filter function can be used to quickly produce a variety of exquisite effects. For example, we will introduce the leather stitching effect today. Below is a detailed Photoshop filter painting tutorial.

PS leather stitching effect steps:

1. Start Photoshop and create a new blank document. Change the foreground color and background color to black and white, then, choose filter> filter library> Texture> stained glass from the menu bar. After the effect of the stained glass is completed, press Ctrl + F to adjust the effect, after that, Set opacity to 50%, double-click the background layer to unlock it as a normal layer, and combine the two layers into one, and name it a texture layer:

2. Create a new layer, fill in the leather color, and place the layer at the bottom of the layer:

3. Click the texture layer, click the channel in the layer area, click the magic wand tool in the ps toolbar area, and click the deeper color part with the magic wand tool. After the selection is complete, the texture layer is switched back, ctrl + J combination key copy layer:

4. After the layer is copied, right-click the layer and select the blending option, select the texture under the slope and relief, and click the parameter setting interface on the right side of the texture switch, set the parameter value of the texture to an appropriate parameter:

5. After texture preparation, select the paint brush tool and press F5 to open the paint brush parameter setting window. Set the paint brush parameters to appropriate values. For details about the parameters, see:

6. After setting the paint brush parameter, select the path, create a new layer, and use the paint stroke path we just set the parameter:

7. Add a mask to the texture layer after you use the paint brush stroke path, and then add the projection effect. After the painting is completed, scale down the stroke layer. The leather suture effect is basically created.

8. To enhance the thickness of the leather stitching effect, add a black and white gradient layer, set the blending mode of the layer to soft light, and set the opacity to 60%, after the leather stitching effect is finished, the effect is shown in:

The above is the Ps filter tips: how to use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effect? All content, hope to help!

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