PS Seal How to do the old method and PS Antique Seal Tutorial

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This paper introduces the old method of PS seal. This paper uses specific material to obtain irregular selections to produce the effect of the PS worn-out seal.

Some PS fans are very refined to do some special effects, such as the following screenshot shown in the PS seal to do the old effect. In fact, PS old seal effect of the production method there are many kinds, such as using PS from the filter, or to prepare a specific picture of the material to do the old effect.

  First, how the PS seal to do the old case tutorial

1. Select the Text tool in the Toolbox, enter the text, and adjust the position, color, font, and size.

2. Create a new layer, use the Rectangle Marquee tool to draw a rectangular selection around the text.

3. Perform edit-stroke, and the parameters are set as follows.

4. Select the type layer and stroke layer, press ctrl+e, and merge two layers.

5. Because depending on the material and the parameters of the adjustment, the resulting old effect selection is different, so it is recommended that you copy back up an original text effect layer.

6. Open the material to do the old effect of pictures, according to the old effect you want to choose a different picture, generally can be scaffolding, bamboo and other criss-cross pictures.

7. Copy material picture to layer 1, perform "image-adjust-threshold", set appropriate parameters.

8. Use Magic Wand tool to click in white area, select White area, press del key to delete.

9. Press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection.

10. Use the Move tool to move layer 1 to the file where we made the old seal before. and placed in the appropriate position of the text.

11. Press the CTRL key, click the thumbnail of the material layer to load the selection, activate the text layer, and press Del to delete the contents of the selection.

12. Press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection, and the final effect is as shown on the right.

Note: If you feel that the effect is not obvious, you can move the constituency, and then one or more times to delete, you can achieve satisfactory results, you must pay attention to be careful not to damage the printed paper too seriously oh.

  Second, the PS seal to do the old case summary
in fact, about how the PS seal to do the old, this article presents just one of the methods.

This article uses the PS old seal production method, the main point is the old effect is by the specific material picture's valve value adjusts to obtain the irregular constituency, in the production good text to pull the constituency part.

There are several ways to use Photoshop to make an old seal effect text, such as using a cloud filter, or ripple and so on, to get some irregular edge selections to make.

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