PS Pen Tool Hair Pull diagram Example Analysis tutorial

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Photoshop has a number of ways to pull out, you can use the Conso tool to pick up the map, extract the filter cutout, more common there are pen tool pull. Although the pen tool in the drawing aspect is more difficult, but the use of clever or very simple, then we will learn the pen tool figure-digging tutorial, this method is commonly used in the late production studio.

Effect Chart:

1, open this picture in PS, can see the picture of the right uncle and set have excellent contrast, but the top of a few poke handsome curly hair and set the fusion degree is too high. First of all, with a pen to draw a clear margin of the summary, in the hair of the marginal area we just need to tick out a ballpark, details later disposed.

2, in the hair margin, only the more accurate outline of some of the hair, and set the edge of the integration of some of the temporary do not hook in, otherwise the mixed area will be the work of the mess.

3, shortcut key Ctlr+enter will be converted to a selection, Shift+f6 feather 0.2px to prevent the occurrence of stiff edges, the clone selection some to a new layer. Reduce the transparency of the original layer to ensure that the extension of hair can be seen.

4, some of the fun here! Use the altered object to alter in the marginal area of the hair of the new layer, and use the hair of the bottom figure as a reference, and then craft the lost hair of the uncle.

Start with a 4px brush to fully present the dense hair area, together filling the hair gap created by the path outlined. This time, if have a drawing board of course will be more convenient, and can make changeable hair silk thickness. If the pure mouse operation, of course, there is no problem, professional repair is not a picture of the thing oh.

5, the new painted hair soon let this is uncle's hair to long qi, looks good! But the uncle was a little flat-head at the moment, in order to make his hairstyle more handsome, we can also use a smaller radius of the brush to repeat the operation, draw the type of curly hair.

6, for example, we can use the 2px alteration in different directions to paint a lot of hair to enhance the sense of reality. Then put on your favorite color, the final PS pen to pull the map is completed.

Above is the PS pen tool hair Pull diagram example Analysis Tutorial, hope to be helpful to everyone!

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