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Texture of the film is actually the most difficult to tune, previously wrote a tutorial on the use of HDR software to do three-dimensional, but the details of the loss of Plug-ins are many, today we mainly talk about no plug-ins, using Photoshop to make HDR effect.

Before doing want everyone to install Photoshop is more than 10.0 official version, if you still use 8.0 of comrades, please pretend to look at this log again, thank you for me to change their own, let oneself become more ing, oh, then began

First in the settings inside the camera Raw to open all JPG images, so we can use camera raw to our hands of this JPG image adjustment, if you are holding a raw image of the picture that would be too grateful to your photographer.

When you're ready to open jpg, you can go directly to a software camera raw interface that Photoshop does not have a simplified version of.

The specific value, the following is a ballpark, or the mantra: "Thank you for using all my values, to become a machine."

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