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The use of shortcut keys to load the high light selection of the method, filled with white, soft light, the effect can be roughly out. Method Yardsticks One, the generality is not strong, to this picture still has certain usefulness. Remember: The lower version loads the highlight (ctrl+alt+~ load is the highlight information on the RGB composite channel, the selection is only a reference, some constituencies are not visible.) The ctrl+alt+1 is loaded with red-channel information in the area, CS4 a small number of shortcuts have changed, load the RGB composite channel of the high Light information on the shortcut key is ctrl+alt+2, the following will be used to shift, the representative can be selected and re-elected, the following to CS2 as an example; With a bit of finesse, when the layer blending mode is blue, the load selection shortcut appears to be invalid, click outside the panel, and cancel. If you use it again, you can use it. This tutorial is for informational purposes only.

Effect chart

1. Open the original image, copy a layer. New layer, ctrl+alt+~, filled with white, soft light.

2. A new layer, ctrl+shit+alt+~, once, filled with white, soft light

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