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The first time to write a tutorial, I would like to share with you the experience of color mixing.

It was because of the photography that I started to tune the pictures. Because of the lack of early filming experience, always do not want the effect. So will find ways to adjust in the late, and then gradually will have their own palette of a step. Now we're going to teach you. If there is anything you don't understand, leave a message at the bottom. Welcome everyone to exchange and study together. Ha ha

First of all. Try to maintain the best possible results, so that the later adjustment of the space will be relatively large, but also better to maintain the picture quality

After adjustment

First step: Adjust the curve. This will brighten up the whole picture. Instead. If the exposure is excessive, you can pull down the curve and darken the picture.

Step Two: Adjust the color levels. The first value moves to the right, which increases the contrast and makes the photo hierarchy more distinct. The third value left to move, can make the picture more bright

Step three: Adjust brightness/contrast. To increase the brightness/contrast value, highlight the screen, deepen the contrast, so that the characters in the picture more prominent

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