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Using the Free Pen tool, we can draw the path curve as freely as drawing on the canvas with a brush. You do not have to define the location of the anchor, because it is automatically added, after the drawing is done to further adjust. The number of automatically added anchor points is determined by the curve fitting and parameters in the Free Pen tool options Bar, the smaller the parameter value the larger the number of automatically added anchor points, the smaller the opposite, and the range of curve fitting and parameters is between 0.5 pixels to 10 pixels.

If the magnetic option is checked, the free Pen tool will be converted to the Magnetic pen tool (Figure 6), which controls the sensitivity of the magnetic pen tool to capture the edge of the image. Width is the distance that the magnetic pen tool can capture, ranging from 1 to 40 pixels; Contrast is the contrast of the edge of the image, the range is 0到100%, and the frequency value determines the density of the added anchor point, the range is 0到100%.

Tutorial Figure 6

Let's learn how to use the magnetic pen tool by drawing the graph in Figure 7.

Figure 7

Hold down the ALT key to make the magnetic pen tool draw a straight line, then in the bottom left of the right angle click, when the last line is drawn, release the ALT key, along the edge of the graph to move, the anchor will be automatically added, encountered in the more sharp points of the picture can not be captured when the click to add anchor points, You need to press the ALT key in advance when you want to draw a line, and the final effect is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

Four, add Anchor Point tool and delete Anchor Point tool

The Add Anchor Point tool and the Delete Anchor Point tool are used primarily to adjust ready-made or finished path curves. For example, we want to draw a very complex shape, it is impossible to draw a successful one at a time, we should draw a rough outline, then we can combine the Add Anchor Point tool and delete the anchor point tool to gradually refine it until the final effect.

V. Path selection tools and direct selection tools

The path selection tool and the direct selection tool have a high usage rate in the process of drawing and adjusting the path curve.

The Path selection tool can select different path components (Figure 9).

Figure 9

Check the bounding box (Figure 10), click the bounding box, and the option bar of the path selection tool becomes the transform Value entry bar. When you select at least two path curves, and then click the Combo button in the options bar to combine it into one path, you can also apply alignment to the selected path (at least two paths) and arrange (select at least three paths).

Figure 10

The direct selection tool plays an important role in the process of adjusting the path curve, because the position and curvature of the most important anchor points in the path curve must be adjusted by direct selection tool.

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