PS Give fruit lemons a bright hue

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1. Open the material map, we first do is to pull out the lemon. Create a new 1000*800px size document and pull the radial gradient from #292c2f to #0f1010

Pull the lemon into the canvas and adjust the size to the right place.

2. In the middle of the lemon layer and background layer, the new layer "high light", we use the 450px size of the brush, white, under each lemon point a white area, change the layer opacity 40%, the effect is as follows

3. We add the layer style to the high light layer and set it as follows:

4. We create a new layer "shadow" on the high light layer, with a 200px brush, black, and a shadow effect between each lemon and the lemon.

6. We copy the lemon layer, change the copy layer mode to strong light, opacity 50%

Copy the lemon layer, change the layer mode to soft light, opacity 50%

Finally we combine all the lemon layers.

7. We adjust the merged layer of lemon-hue/saturation, set as follows:

8. Perform a filter on the lemon layer--sharpening--sharpening, strengthening the details of the lemon

9. Adjust the lemon layer---color balance, set as follows:

10. We create a new layer on the lemon layer "deepen", change the layer mode for color deepening, opacity 50%, with hardness 0%, opacity 10% black brush in the shadow of the part of the smear, deepen the shadow effect

11. New layer "Color" again, brush and layer settings as above, this time change color to #ff6c00, smear left lemon.

12. Create a new layer "white" on all layers, and use a white soft brush to smear the white part and finish.

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