PS Hand to teach you to draw a calendar icon

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Final Effect Diagram:

First, create a new document, mine is 1024*1024.

Pull a radial gradient on the background layer, as shown in the picture ~ ~

New layer, D key change foreground background to default, fill white, select Filter-Noise-add noise, average distribution, quantity 50%, tick tint, as shown

Change blending mode to soft light, transparency 30%

Create a new rounded rectangle, as shown in the figure, adjust the rounded corners, fill the color casually. CTRL + A Select horizontal Center, vertical Z, ctrl+d cancel selection

Double-click the rounded rectangle to add the layer style ~, the values are

And the inner shadow, the color overlay,

The color values are as shown in the figure:

To create a new layer, the D key changes the foreground background to the default, fills the white, and performs filter-noise-add noise.

Filters-Blur-motion blur, the values are as follows, and then press ALT + left to create a clipping mask between two layers.

Create a small rounded rectangle with rounded corners and center alignment! Color doesn't matter.

Double-click the layer to add a layer style ~ bevel and emboss.

Inner Shadow.

Inner Glow

Gradient Overlay

Outer Glow

Now the effect is as shown in the figure:

Create a new rounded rectangle, fill it with white, and adjust the parameters and position:

Double-click a layer style to add a drop shadow

Create a new layer of text, hit the numbers, color black, adjust the position and size.

Alt+v+e Pop-up horizontal Line dialog, pull out a horizontal level of 50%, a horizontal line perpendicular to 50% so we can adjust the position.

Copy the rounded rectangle below to the top, ctrl+t resize, fill the white, I added a gray is easy for everyone to watch.

and adjust the transparency to 12%, then select three layers ctrl+g together.

Copy the entire group to the right and adjust the position, as shown in figure:

CTRL+J Copy the white layer underneath the right calendar, move the layer to the top, ctrl+t resize and position, and then ctrl+t right to select the perspective, select the upper left corner of the SHIFT key to drag to the left, the effect is as shown

Double-click a layer to add a layer style

Copy one layer, right key layer Select clear Layer style, ctrl+t right button Select vertical Flip, adjust position:

CTRL + Left-click single layer thumbnail, perform selection-modify-feather, value 10

Create a new layer of blank, fill the black, ctrl+d cancel the selection, and hide the layer you just made.

Select Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur.

Move up a distance, and then adjust the fill transparency and layer transparency.

Copy a type layer, ctrl+shift+] to move the layer to the top level.

Right-click the layer, select the grid selection, and then use the rectangular marquee tool to remove the following section.

Ctrl+d Cancel the selection. Ctrl+t adjust the size, then right-click to select Perspective, adjust the perspective.

Final effect:

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