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We all like the special visual effects of the Lomo camera, the obvious distortion and the perverse color. Yes, the Lomo camera itself is inexpensive, and even many cameras have built-in Lomo mode, but Photoshop is still a better solution. The key to using Photoshop to reproduce the Lomo effect is to simulate a series of flaws associated with cheap plastic lenses, as well as the apparent particles and eerie colors brought by outdated films.

Pre-adjustment effect

Effect after adjustment

Operation Steps:

01 Adding dark Corners

To open this scenery photo, use the shortcut key CTRL + J to copy the background layer. The "Filter > Lens correction" command, which helps us simulate the strong dark angle and distortion effect of cheap lenses. The removal distortion is set to-7, the Halo number is set to-100, the middle point +10. Click the OK button.

02 Softening of details

Lomo cheap plastic lens clarity is not high, the screen is very blurred. Copy the layer after we just added the dark Corner and execute the menu item "Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur", which helps us simulate this feature of the Lomo lens. Set the radius to 2.5 pixels, click the OK button, and then reduce the layer opacity to 70%. Then we can also add a sense of particle to the photo, which depends on your preference.

03 Adjusting Colors

To show the effect of an expired film color offset, create a new color level adjustment layer. Select the three-color channel in the adjustment panel's channel Drop-down menu and adjust the gray triangle slider below the histogram as follows: Red, 0.85, green, 1.15, blue, 0.90. So we have completed the adjustment of this piece of work.

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