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This tutorial teaches friends to use PS to make Starlight Brushes, tutorials are more practical, also relatively simple, starlight brush because of its unique luminous effect, in many pictures can be used, is a necessary brush. The following tutorial will first deal with how to quickly create a practical starlight brush. The general process: create a smaller canvas, brush the thin line with a set of fine lines, and then make a copy of the desired starlight effect by copying several transformation angles. The final definition is a brush that can be used. Forward to share the study with the Friends of the Flying special, first take a look at the original image and the final effect chart:


Effect Chart:

1, a new 50 * 50 pixel document, is used to draw starlight, parameters as follows, of course, parameters can be changed, but this is only to do brushes, brushes do not need so big oh!

2, the window---Brush (pull the Brush window), and then set the brush parameters, parameters as follows!

3, create a new layer, with just set the brush on the canvas to improve the size and position, and then click! ctrl+j copy a few layers, rotate the layer position, to achieve their own feel satisfied on the OK, appropriate can be elongated shorten a layer, so that the starlight effect more lifelike.

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