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In this tutorial, I will share with my friends the PS method of adding cubic crystals falling from the sky to the pictures. the crystals produced in this tutorial are very nice and difficult, so they are worth learning, we recommend that you go to the feet Home. let's take a look at the beautiful landscape map. why not add some cubic crystals falling from the sky to this map? Below, the small editor will tell you how to use the 3D effect of PS through this operation process. The following is a comparison between the source image and the created image.


Open the source image in PS, and pressCtrl + JCopy layers.

Select3D -- create a grid from a layer -- network preset -- Stereo Surround.

Press and hold the left mouse button to rotate.

We can see that the cube is dark. clickEnvironment, Adjust the color, intensity from 100%

Adjusted to around 600%, depending on the image brightness. The adjusted effect.

Press Ctrl + T to freely change the object size, You need to convert the layers before conversion, clickConversionYou can.

ClickAspect ratioTo narrow down the object to a proper size.Press Enter.

Press the Alt key and drag the mouse to copy four.

Select the corresponding layer,Scale down each object one by one.

And put it in different locations.

There are also a few on the sea.

During the operation, because there are too many images, we can click the eye icon of the layer channel to display or hide the layers for ease of operation.

Use an eraser to erase parts drowned by sea water. raster objects are required during erasure. clickOKYou can.

Adjust the size and hardness of the brush to a smaller value.

Before erasure, you can zoom in. When erasing, the edge should not be too regular, reflecting the feeling of sea shaking.

Erase all four from the sea.

Create another crystal that falls on the slope. The operation method is: rotate and scale when the conversion is free.

Effect after completion.

The above is the introduction of adding cubic crystals falling from the sky to PS images. The operation is very simple and I hope it will help you!

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