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How to use PS to make blurred photos clear everyone has encountered, digital cameras, mobile phone photos blurred picture, generally directly deleted. But if the facial expression poss all very in place, likes very much, wants the photograph to do? How to make the image clear with PS? Let us briefly introduce the top ten methods that can make your treasure picture clear, except to adjust the curve, color price, brightness contrast, all kinds of anatase also use the following methods to make the photos clearer:

1. You can copy one layer, layer properties to soft light, adjust the transparency.

2. You can duplicate one layer, attribute overlay, also adjust transparency.

3. Copy one layer, go color, PS with filter-other-high contrast keep [adjust values], and then the layer properties are superimposed.

4. Change the image to CMYK color mode, adjust the color bands of different channels respectively. Then convert to RGB mode.

5. If making black and white, you can use black and white gradient mapping to increase the sense of permeability.

6. Do black and white, you can choose a good channel-monochrome clean channels, such as red channel, select Ctrl + A, and then copy Ctrl + C, point back to the RGB channel, to the layer paste copy channel. Ctrl + V, and then adjust the level of color.

7, the local constituency is more gloomy place [constituency method is many, generally use free lasso or straight line Lasso], feather after the copy for the new layer [feather larger, copy the new layer method: Ctrl+j], and then adjust the curve levels, and so on, if the difference between the appearance and the surrounding layer mask, or reduce transparency.

8. If the photo is very light, exposure is completely excessive, you can copy one or more layers, layer properties are positive stacked, after the merger treatment.

9. If the photo is very dark, you can copy one or more layers, combined with transparency adjustment, the layer properties are filtered color.

10. Copy a layer of clean channels, adjust the level of color to illuminate the edge, do not need a clear place to smear black, click the Channel [Ctrl + mouse point to copy the channel], back to the layer, art effect filter-painting smear.

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