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A lot of friends ask me how to make a calendar? In fact, the answer is very simple. Below I will explain the teaching of their own hands to create a personal calendar of their own.

With the popularization of PS technology, more and more people began their own DIY personalized calendar, in fact, the process is very simple, only need to have a picture of the effect of inkjet printers, and a group of calendar DIY Kit on it. Now most ordinary families have inkjet printer, the only is the calendar rack and Punch Desk calendar paper is difficult to find.

Now let's take a look at the detailed steps to make:

1, first go to our calendar download area, download your favorite calendar template:;

2, we take {my Baby} series calendar template for example, explain the detailed production process.

Members who need to practise can download template files first:

Unzip the downloaded template

Open the inside PSD file

Dot layer front of small eyes, put hidden layer show

Locate the layer where the photo is placed


    • PS Image Processing
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