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In some high-profile color photos, the background has a larger white space, the composition is not commensurate with the feeling of empty. At this time elephant paint like a red seal in the space, the result may be greatly improved. Below I introduce to you the method of making the seal with PS, it is very convenient to put on the seal of the favorite.

There are two ways to make a seal with PS, one is if you are a lover of seal carving or have a favorite seal or can seal one, two is nothing, also can use PS tool. The first method is described first:

The first step: 1, nicely adjusted the existing seal on the paper;

2. Remake or photocopy the seal on the brazing paper with a camera;

3, into the PS software, open the seal file.

The second step: the "image/Adjustment/curve", adjust the curve, improve the brightness of the image. Photoshop Tutorials

Step three: Bring up "image/Adjustment/curve", adjust the curve, improve the contrast of image.

Fourth step: 1, bring up "choice/color Range", choose red with a straw;

2, click on the color selection box "OK", the red graphic was selected.

The red area included in the Ant line is selected.

Fifth Step: Preset brushes

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