PS How to make a rock girl kaleidoscope

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PS How to make a rock girl Kaleidoscope

Final effect Diagram

Figure 00

1. Create Portrait patterns

Script padding is a useful tool for creating kaleidoscope effects, but must be used in preset mode. Preset patterns are often not well suited to our design, so in order to simulate the effects of music MV lenses, you need to create a suitable fill pattern.

Step 1

Different design content will have a corresponding script filling scheme, for this special effects design, we choose a beautiful rock girl as the main design material, so the effect will be more in line with the music MV style.

Figure 01

Step 2

Select the Quick Select Tool, and then follow the silhouette of the portrait to create a selection. If you accidentally select a background, press ALT to click to deselect the area.

Figure 02

Step 3

When the portrait contour is selected, click the Adjust edge to bring up the dialog box. Set the radius of 2 pixels, tick the smart radius option. Then use the Adjust RADIUS tool, follow portrait hair, create more detailed selections, then click OK back to the PS main canvas.

Figure 03

Step 4

To maintain the selection operation status, select Layer > Layer mask > Display selection in the main menu bar to use the selection as a mask.

Figure 04

Step 5

Select the layer in the layers panel as the current Action object, choose Edit > Define image, and name it "guitarist guitarist."

Figure 05


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