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Making method I also read the textbooks of other people, so I do not very much, if you see the end will not also ask me, because I am also Shita

Streamer Word production method There are many kinds of U5 PS DW can be made, here is the use of Photoshop production method

The first step is to open PS and create a new image file.

The second step, using the Text tool, set up as shown in the above text

The third step, click "Window" "animation" to open the animation panel

Step fourth, select Type layer in Add layer style select gradient overlay

The fifth step, click as shown here, open the gradient style panel

The sixth step, select a gradient style, casual choice, you can customize, in order to make it follow me to come, and then change their own

Step seventh, set the parameters as shown, this is the most critical step, do not click "OK"

In the type layer, click with the mouse to pull the "light" to the left (as pictured) and then determine

The eighth step, click the next icon out of "Copy selected frames" Copy a Frame

The Nineth step, select the second frame, in the Layers panel, in step fourth, select Type layer to select gradient overlay in Add layer style. Then move the light to the right (figure below, compare the color of the text in step seventh) to determine

The tenth step, select the second frame, click "Add animation Transition" Open the Panel, add 8 frames (optional, more can also)

The 11th step, click the first frame, hold down the keyboard Shift key, click the last frame, select all the Frames

Click on the small arrow below to set a delay of 0.1 seconds

The 12th step, because we do the streamer word is to be fully transparent, used in any color space, so, the picture level version of the background layer of small eyes to remove

The removed background is fully transparent, as shown in the following figure

The final step, click "File" "Save as Web format", saved in GIF format is OK

After the work, the most important is a few steps behind, serious look, I believe you can read

Of course, you can also change a lot of style, oneself pounded the drum came out

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