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1, new file: 800*600, resolution 72, background white, color mode RGB. As shown in the figure:

2, new Layer 1, with the elliptical marquee tool to draw a positive circle selection. You can draw a positive circle by holding down the keyboard alt+shift. As shown in the figure:

3, fill in the selection of black, to perform the selection---Transform the selection, hold down the Shift+alt key, the center point unchanged, such as the proportion of narrowing, enter confirmation. As shown in the figure:

4. Press the DELETE key to delete the pixels in the selection. Ctrl+d Cancel the selection. (You can add a 3D real effect to the ring, set CTRL click on Layer 1 to select this black circle, and perform layer styles-bevel and emboss.) Perform an inside glow operation, here is not explained in detail, if you are interested can add this step, as shown in the picture:

5. Press and hold the Shift+alt key to copy the ring. Switch to the Move tool, hold down the ALT key and select the circle to copy four. Get a layer of five rings, as shown in the figure:

6, and to replace the color ring. (After the CTRL key loads the selection, fill the color), as shown in the figure:

7, to make the next interlocking effect: first select the black ring layer, hold down the CTRL key to load the selection, and then hold down the Ctrl+shift+alt key, click the yellow circle layer thumbnail, you can get the intersection of the two rings. As shown in the figure:

8, switch to the selection tool, point in the property bar in the "Subtract from the selection" button, minus the lower part of the selection, and then select the yellow circle layer, press DELETE key to delete. Ctrl+d Cancel the selection. As shown in the figure:

9, the reference to the previous step to make other ring buckle effect, combined with the background layer of the layer in addition to the final use of the brush tool, paint off the ring and the intersection part of the color traces. Final Effect Diagram:

Then about PS Primary Course: How to make the Olympic Games five rings of the operation of the steps here, then hurry up and try it, in fact, is not as complex as we imagine.

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