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I believe everyone wants to let their shop business good, we have to the new store baby took a lot of beautiful photos, but the photo is too big, can't upload how to do? We can change the size of the baby image PS, neither deformation, blur, and can make the picture pixel smaller. So PS how to modify the size of the baby picture? Now Taobao School with you to share a good way, so that you can most quickly the size of the image, and file size to the specified size, as long as a small step to complete immediately.

First let's take a look at the size of the picture in Photoshop where you can see it. Open picture, Photoshop Tutorial Select Image in PS-image size

You can see the size of the currently open picture.

If the picture is wider than it is, we can directly enter the value that we want to change. Note that the constraint ratio is to be checked on, or the picture will be distorted. When you enter the width value you will find that the height value will also change, pixel size from the original 17.0M also changed to 1.37M, a lot smaller.

If we take good photos, we want to cut the picture while cutting the picture. We can use cutting tools.

When we select the cutting tool, we will see that the property bar has width, height, resolution, behind the blank we can set the specific value of OH. If I want to make a 1200*1200 pixel baby picture, just enter 1200 after the width and then use the right mouse button to select the unit, generally we are selected pixel. The resolution can be written 72.

Then use the Crop tool to pull, when you will only pull out the square of the selection. Because the width we set is the same.

Once we're sure, we'll look at the picture size:

Is it the size we set? We'll save it as JPG after we've changed it.

At this point in the preview you can see the size of the saved, if you exceed the required value, the quality of the value of smaller. The final confirmation is OK.

PS How to modify the baby picture size, Taobao school sweet potato on weak weak introduction to here, this article for PS Rookie. Hope that the new shop dispensers can help. More shop information can flow our Taobao school network related plate.

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