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@ His mountain eyes: I think the first cold is still more interesting a photographer, with small spit out a lot of film.

Her style as a whole relatively fresh natural, Japanese and film three categories.

In fact her style, we are important to grasp three aspects:

One, the overall tone.

Second, skin color.

Third, the environment color.

  One, the overall tone

Normal look we do not see, but in this contrast, you will find that the screen is actually green.

We add a soft layer to the right: R35 G80 B51

Opacity to 24%

Effect as shown:

Then we add a filter layer to the right: R35 G80 B51

Opacity to 48%

Effect as shown:

We can see that at this time our color is almost unified.

Layer structure as shown:

What happens if we take off the middle layer of soft light?

The effect is that the green is not pure, and the face will appear more white.

Second, skin color

The basic usage of some skin tone adjustments is described.

Let's take another picture in this answer as an example:

This picture, a look is a serious red color, we first use the curve to improve the brightness of the screen:

Then we use the color level tool to set the White field tool, click the back of the girl's dress (white to white):

Effect as shown:

At this point, we'll use the red color option:

For this case, one of the most important parameters in the red optional color is black.

Pulling to the left can directly make the skin transparent, you can choose to absolutely make it more obvious impact on the screen.

Other parameters such as cyan, magenta, red are determined according to the actual situation, such as yellow, I pulled to the right because I want to make the skin a little bit yellow to meet the oriental skin.

Remember: Most Chinese people's skin color is most susceptible to the red and yellow effects of the optional color.

For example, you can also make the skin more transparent by choosing yellow and then pulling black to the left.

But: trees are the most susceptible to yellow, this step will make the color of trees lighter, therefore, generally combined with the mask use.

At the same time, excessive use of black options, easy to make the color white is not normal, so you grasp the good.

Based on the above basis, and then by the way can be a little Japanese or film style ...

What a beautiful age ...

Third, the environment color

The colors of Lin Yue's works are usually quite fresh, for example:

This is not simply achieved by increasing saturation, but by the need to enhance the green and yellow expressiveness.

The commonly used parameters are: less than the symbol (similar in shape).

Let's take that picture for example:

In order to extrude the effect, the parameter is used more extreme.

Can obviously see the change of the picture.

This group of color combinations in the creation of a summer atmosphere is very important to use.

For example (the above is modified):

So remember these two less-than-symbols.

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