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Why is it called pseudo high ash? Because I did not learn to draw, did not learn color, just like the fine art works in the kind of strong subtle and not gaudy color, according to the feeling of imitation out of this strictly not called high-grade gray tones, but also the pursuit of a gray-scale transition rich and not gaudy feeling.

First look at the comparison between the original image and the effect chart:

@ Let the son but fat

First observation of the original film, look at the skin can be seen to the automatic white balance a bit, the skin is too cold, but the color on the wall is similar, so use a ACR separation tone to correct the skin color and simple to form an initial tone.

The color palette in the portrait is actually a partial color. The low point is the whole picture to a color, advanced point is the high light neutral color shading part of the preference for different colors, high-level is the distinction between color bias, I was a simple high light and warm shadow partial cyan. The data is not important, color sense is important, different photos with the same data jump out to feel may be the opposite.

And then use a simple version of the ACR mask to paint, add some exposure to add color temperature, is to this warm feeling.

ACR part of the end of the output to PS, in fact, this time can be out of the liquid grinding can be sharpened, but this time the main said that the senior ash is how a gray method.

The level tool does not adjust input, only the output levels, so that a pull, dark and high light part of the compressed into the gray area. Although it will compress many levels of color, but in exchange for the neutral color part of the transition rich.

Finally, use a skin plug to adjust the skin color, the same highlight add warm. The skin of the younger sister is good to rub the leather option all to the smallest.

Sharpen the steps, sharpen the small details, and sharpen the larger outline. (The second step portrait generally not, the scenery will use two steps, the mood is good again high contrast)


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