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How does PS sharpen photos with filters? The photographer Joseph Parry wrote a teaching, sharing a method of using "surface blur" to sharpen a photograph, in essence, by inverting the image and blurring the marginal area, thus highlighting the edges. Many netizens feel with "USM Sharpening" function class near, but the photographer emphasizes this method's autonomy and accuracy is higher. For teaching steps, see the following:

1 Open the photo that needs sharpening

2) Copy Layer

3) Invert hue by ctrl+i/cmd+i

4 to set the layer's opacity to 50%, the screen will become gray

5 selection filter > Blur > Surface blur

The radius of the value is 3-5, Threshold is 15-20, depending on the size of the image adjusted

6 Maintain transparency 50%, copy layer (ctrl+alt+shift+e/cmd+option+shift+e), remove the middle layer.

7 Change the layer mode to "overlay" or "soft light", and if necessary, repeat the gray layer to make the screen sharper.

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