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DB is the neutral gray grinding skin, this tutorial briefly describes the basic process of using this method to repair drawings. Although the introduction of relatively simple, but the basic steps are explained, this is more important to repair the map, if you can master this set of methods, the future will be very simple to repair the map.


< small map view big picture >

Final effect

< small map view big picture >

PSD is divided into: 5 groups, rough repair, DB, color palette (this group is sorted), finishing (this group is color), finishing and sharpening (because the editing group did not pay attention to the time, for everyone to see the convenience, the upload time did not change the name, color group is finishing, sorting group color, do not see the wrong oh ~!)

1, rough repair: This step is mainly for the original skin plate, hair processing, you can use a stamp or repair brush to complete.

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