PS in the backlight of those who are filled with the feelings

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Aperture: f/2.8, Shutter: 1/500s, focal length: 85mm, iso:100

This picture is mainly to use the elements of the wind to create a picture of the dynamic and atmosphere. When I took this picture, I first determined the composition style, then began to adjust the mood of the model, hoping to get a hint of sadness taste. When everything is ready, let the assistant fan the Wind in the side, waiting for the moment to capture the sentimental.

In the later stage, mainly by increasing the contrast, to solve the problem of the backlight, the color of the use of dark green and golden contrast to simulate the taste of film. Let's take a look at the detailed later steps of this picture.


He Yang Kun (Small evil Littledemon): Independent photographer, Poco photography reds.

Good style: natural fresh or with emotional story of portrait photography, Cooperative media "portrait Photography", "Tibetan human geography" and so on.

Micro-Blog: @ The small evil of Jiaotong University

Micro-letter: 115,084,708 first the most important thing is to shoot the backlight with raw to ensure as much as possible to the dark and bright details, and then in the ACR plug-in to adjust the basic data as follows: From left to right

To get the background layer, then the PS operation, the following steps:

The first step (layer 1) processing ideas: Early shooting errors, want to make some make up, the characters centered, forming 2 times composition.

Action: Select and copy left space, ctrl+t stretch left space, make the character in the center of the composition.

Step Two (Layer 2) approach: thin face

Action: Ctrl+alt+shift+e stamped layer, then slightly liquefied.

The third step (curve 2 and 2 copy of the curve) processing ideas: Highlight hand (can be adjusted according to personal photosensitive or not)

Operation: Use two graphs to combine the mask to achieve the effect.

Fourth step (color Balance 1) processing ideas: Highlight green and gold

Operation: Adjust the entire picture of the high light and dark color, to achieve color purposes, and finally through the mask appropriate back to the face, it appears more natural.

Fifth step (curve 1) processing ideas: Contrast

Operation: By dragging the curve to enhance the contrast of the picture.

Sixth step (color balance 2) processing ideas: After consideration, continue to strengthen the prominent green and gold

Action: Modify the color balance values.

Seventh Step (Gradient map 1) Processing ideas: Add contrast without saturation (now the film saturation is already very high)

Operation: Another way to enhance contrast without saturation (please study the parameters and effects of this adjustment layer yourself)

The eighth step (choose color 1) Processing idea: again by feeling the color palette (can ignore me this operation purely at that time the individual pats skull decision unreasonable behavior)

Action: Adjust the color of the optional red, to achieve the color purpose.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 339853166 welcome you to join

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