PS Landscaping Photo Tutorial: teach you to simply beautify the video photos

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Video images generally have low phase, color weight, manic point more, and so on. Therefore, the processing should be a partial tone, processing photo color yellow, dry point heavy, or it will appear mm skin is very poor. Next we'll look at how to handle this low pixel photo.

First look at the original picture and Effect chart:


Effect chart

In this way we can see the steps, the first to get the color of the positive, and then to grind the skin.

1, copy layer layer, image-adjust-automatic color (automatic contrast, automatic color level-the two of their own choice, with their own eyes to identify the effect).

Figure 1

Automatic color is not the effect, which added some curves and saturation of the method, but I forgot how to adjust, haha, this is the consciousness, everyone according to their own sense of appropriate adjustment is good.

2, start grinding skin, if you can not wear the skin, the simple method is to use fuzzy tools to avoid eyebrows mouth besmear, I speak here a better control of medium difficulty of the adjustment method.

Click the Quick Mask tool

, point Brush tool, color black

Smear on the face of MM, avoiding hair, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and nostrils and alar sides.

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