PS Late Design tips: Making a beautiful fairy tale world

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Fantasy to the use of photography is a very positive thing, creativity can promote more photographic style of production, no creative photography is equivalent to the soul without light, boring, more photography combined with imagination is a good way to express the value of their own art. I am very glad that we are so fond of japaul photography, and I am honored to share with you the early and late creative process of photography.

Source of creativity: In my mind when I was a boy, I had an incredible idea every day, for example, the teacher taught the word "water", I will think of the sea, the Sea has a mermaid, and then there will be a monster, I changed the Prince to save her, over time, the teacher said what I do not care about ... The original film of the work outside the window was filmed in Venice, Italy, and is an afternoon balcony a corner, that day I a person stroll Venice Alley, sunshine just, I suddenly thought of childhood from the window to see the night sky scene, so I unconsciously Jean works transformed into the evening, plus the big moon ...

Shooting equipment: I've always liked to use 50 focal lenses, this makes my immediate things produce very little distortion, and this let me form the habit of moving the composition of the front and back, Aperture f/3.5, shutter 1/1600, the sky a large number of white, give people a sense of open and free, but also to the later synthesis laid a foundation.

Late skills: "Out of the window" the work of the late main two points, one how to adjust the tone, so that a pair of day afternoon scene into a night feeling. Second, how to control the light, such as the angle of the moonlight, the whale by the smooth, light and dark lines, and so on, so that the picture more real.

Material preparation, Highlights: A picture of a whale using 3D max, the footage of the moon. To cater to the whole cool hue, the whale's color is dark purple, and the moon tones are generally cold.

Post-Technical steps:

The first step, the original image in the sky too little white, a small number of cuts, so that the sky more full picture, to make the basis for the later.

The second step is to add a cool photo filter that unifies the tone of the entire screen.

The third step, add a curve edit layer, adjust the red curve, so that the bright side, the middle color, dark green, blue will appear more transparent.

The fourth step, adjust the screen red proportion component, because the whole picture is a cool tone, so warm is not too much. Category:

    • PS Image Processing
    • PS Post-processing tutorial
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