PS Late Sky Synthesis, to create a visual impact of the landscape photography photos

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It can be said that photography and post-processing is closely linked, a good photo plus the appropriate post-processing, can make the photos more contagious, PS is magical, more immortal charm.

We constantly in the filming, and constantly processing, enjoy the fun of photography at the same time, feel the infinite changes of PS.

It is said that the latter is wins, right, these need to take time to study its function and principle, explore its deep mysteries.

In this master such as Cloud place sent such a post, really shortcoming, there are improper operation of the place also please a lot of guidance, the purpose is to communicate and progress together!

1, open the need to edit the two pictures.

2, the first consideration of an environmental lighting, the general sunrise into the red, so you can increase the original image saturation, add red to match the entire environment.

3, the sky diagram dragged into the background image.

4, adjust the sky in the right position, so that its proportions and feel as close as possible to the display.

5, the sky to copy a layer.

Mirror the image up and down, also adjust the figure to the appropriate proportions, as the lake's reflection.

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