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The torn clothes are sexy, Laura seems to be right in front of you ... "See Laura Again", the guest piece by the Fuzhou Small Ling provides, now the customer all likes this heavy taste and the Wild style film! This style of the market will be very big Oh!

All right, let's go back to our analysis of the production of ideas, we look at the title should know Laura is a kind of person, we have played the game Tomb Raider.

So we should define the film as 1 women fighting in the smoke, in the tone we have to start with low life!

The software I use is CS6. Usually I deal with the film in 2 big directions:

1th: In raw in general color tone direction!

2nd: Then PS to deal with the atmosphere and details!

The focus of a film is not to think how to adjust the good looks how often many people are not the purpose of processing color to the final show of fancy! The focus of the film should be on the level of more effort, the level in place of the film naturally good!

Then add the special color and atmosphere according to your own feeling!!

Effect Chart:


Step One: Raw adjustment, first we drag the original piece into the PS, as shown in Figure 1:

And then we're going to deal with the explosions so our films will light up, and then tune the contrast, highlight, shadow, white, black, sharpness, natural saturation, saturation. Here, I'll explain the high light,

The purpose of the white is to make the smoke can be lit up such a level of clear, shaded, black is to make the dark part of the dark can not be black to clear the details.

The clarity is very important here, the higher the sharpness of the film will look thicker, so you can show the character of the tough some! and then the natural saturation and saturation, because before we analyzed the film to be lowered,

So do the processing! The values are shown in Figure 2:

Then we in grayscale, respectively, to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness! I'm not going to explain hue and saturation here anymore. Because we all understand the basics of these 2 items, I'm mainly explaining the brightness in the brightness of which I strengthened

The brightness of red and yellow, why do this? The main purpose of this is to make the skin of the character through a little, this function in the PS hue saturation in the red yellow lightness is the same truth!

The main can let skin with some permeability! The values are shown in Figure 3:

Then we choose to separate the hue! Here we choose the high light yellow, the shade chooses blue. Heightened the saturation of the light! This allows the character and the high light part to be warm, with a little shade of cool,

This is exactly the same as the warm and cold contrast. The values are shown in Figure 4:

Okay, after adjusting the point to open the image, so that our raw color palette is complete, and then we can further adjust in PS!!

Step two: PS in the details of processing and atmosphere to create!

1, after the raw adjustment we got a more complete color film, I feel the film is a bit dark so add a little curve, figure 1:

2, then we reduce the saturation of the film, experienced designers know that the purpose of reducing the saturation is to reduce noise, so that the film will be much cleaner. After this, the film will look grey.

That's when we should add a little bit of contrast. Figure 2:

3, then we use the optional color of red and yellow to adjust the character's skin tone, we let her skin a little more yellow, so that the blood on the head of the figure more red. Here we choose absolute to tune it. Figure 3:

4, skin tone after I want to unify the color of the film, I use the gradient map here, I hope the whole film is red and yellow, with the purpose of gradient mapping is a good over color,

So that there is a good color hierarchy, choose a good color after we use layer mode (soft light) opacity is 10%, Figure 4:

5, below we began to strengthen the next level of light and shade, I use a curve to darken the film, and then use the mask to the characters and need to wipe out the place! Figure 5:

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