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Because the journey can not predict the weather, resulting in pictures often very dark, there is no hierarchy, color is not bright; then we can go through a simple way to make these annoying shades of gray become

Shiny and shiny.

When we shoot the scenery along the way, not all the time is good weather, perhaps a moment before the blue skies, the second is cloudy; or maybe we can't control the exposure, or because

Camera limitations, resulting in a gray screen, there is no hierarchy, then you need to restore the color of the landscape in the later, but in order not to affect the quality, we must use the raw format for shooting,

Because Raw is more tolerant than JPEG, it keeps the details to a minimum. Before you modify the photo, you have to analyze it, if there is no overexposed part of the screen, then

The overall level can be restored, in fact, we would rather exposure when shooting, also do not expose excessive, because the details of excessive exposure is not easy to restore, in the late revision should also pay attention to this point,

Do not have the excessive exposure of the part, adjust the exposure loss details. In the adjustment can not only pay attention to the details of the restoration, but also pay attention to grasp the whole, if the level of the wrong, it will appear a very

Strange picture. When you adjust the saturation of the color, the saturation will make the photo look fake, and it will lose the details; we restore the image to make the picture not gloomy, not exaggerated.

such as the original image, the whole picture is gray, only highlighted places still have details, then later we need to highlight the other part of the adjustment, and ensure that the highlighted part will not adjust excessive.

Below we will be through the PS software to the bleak picture to become wonderful.

Effect Chart:


Travel photography, many enthusiasts filmed the film Gray, there is no level, this picture can be saved, raw format can bring us higher latitude, can make the details to the maximum retention,

ensure quality. So keep the good habit of setting raw.

Make step four step back to the lost level

1. Adjust the curve to let the level of initial display

Open the original image in Photoshop, first we want to copy a layer, copy the layer is to retain the original image, convenient for later modification, and then "background layer" to adjust the "curve", adjust to

The whole picture is lit up level rich for good, we adjust the curve can be divided into times, each time only to adjust a little, so do not lose details.

2. Pull the gradient so that the sky has a thick feeling

After adjusting the curve, the level is first, add a "mask" to the "background layer", and then make a "gradient" adjustment, the gradient note "The foreground color is black, background color is white", pull down the gradient from the top, Category:

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