PS Light Effect Tutorial: Create cool lighting background

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And then a group of light effects:

Open the background material above (you can do it yourself)

Circle Path Draw an ellipse:

Set as follows: (stroke)

Fill an outer glow

Under rotation, the effect is as shown:

Just put a material to do the demo:

Put the no place in the mask:

Use a soft edge to draw a point:


Center Copy One:

After merging, Gauss blurs:

To add a layer style:

Effect as shown:

Put in the right place, the effect:

Copy one, flip, method is the same

Then use the Pen tool to draw the following effect:

Turn into a constituency

Feather a bit:

Fill in one color at random:

Subtract part

Mode instead: Linear light

Draw the following graphic with the pen tool:

Move to a selection and then feather it:

Fill a light-colored

Subtract a portion, as shown in the figure:

At this point the effect is as shown:

Draw a curve at the edge of a pen:

Sets the brush size to 2 pixels and the foreground color to white

Stroke path

Merge what you just did, change the pattern to linear light

You can draw a few more if you are interested (or copy it)

Perform filters--distort, rotate distort

The parameters are as follows:

Change 3 rays to: Color Dodge blending Mode

Effect as shown:

We can add the material just now, if not satisfied, can continue to deepen.

There are a lot of light effects, and given the limited space, only so many are listed.

The combination of special effects in the design is just one way to provide

More technology needs to be found in practice, to study, to learn.

The completion of the tutorial, I hope that we learn from each other, mutual progress.

Thank you for your support!

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