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The 1th step is to create a new 1024x768 pixel file, or whatever size you need depends on the text you will create. Then, set the foreground color to #4a4f65 and background color to #161a28, and radial gradient fill background (one from center to corner).

Open more textures for the Junk VI and go to image > Adjust > Levels, change the shadow value 70 and gamma to 0.70.

Go to Image > Adjust > Hue/saturation, change saturation value-60.

The 2nd step adds texture to the gradient background layer and changes its blending mode to overlay, and then adjusts it as needed.

Creates text in G color white with all uppercase fonts Mousou. The size is 255 PT and the "tracking" value is set to 100 to create more space between the letters.

The 3rd step is to 3d> convex > Text layer. There will be a dialog box that tells you that this will grid the text layer and you will no longer be able to modify your text. So, if you're sure you need to change your text, click Yes to continue.

Select the inflatable edge according to the convex shape preset. Then, according to the tensile change depth of 0.1, under the inflated, changing angle of 100, strength of 0.05, under the umbrella, from the side Pull-down menu to select the front, set height of 30, width of 6, and choose Bay – Deep Contour.

This will create the basic 3D-shaped text.

From the toolbox, use the camera's tools to change the camera's angle (view), because we don't want to change the position of the grid. Once you select the Camera tool, you can click and drag to change the value, or do so, and you can simply use the 3D axis. If you want, you can enter some exact values in the Orientation field in the options bar.

If you don't look at the 3D axis, you can get them down to the 3D panel, click the "Toggle Composite 3D Extra" icon, and then check the 3D axis option.

You can save the location of the camera, click the "Save Current View" icon, and then enter the name of the view in the options bar. The saved view appears to view the options bar in the Drop-down menu.

The 4th step loads its time to apply each side of the wire material. First, you need to open the 3D Panel (Window > 3D) and click on the grid on the left of the small arrow to expand the BOM name.

Select the former inflation material to begin modifying its value. First, you need to get rid of the diffuse texture if there is one. To do this, click the diffuse texture icon, and then choose to remove the texture. You need to do the same thing, and the texture as other material may hide any application color.

Once you delete the texture, change the reflection value to 25th, the lighting color for #323232, gloss of 80%, 80% service, high light color for #e7e7e7, refraction value 1.46.

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