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Our Ultimate effect:

Create a suitable size canvas, open the character picture, cut the appropriate area, full of pictures. I'm using 2000*3000 pixels, 300 resolution.

Ctrl+j copy one layer, apply filter-style-contour, adjust the level of color, to be able to see the rich contour line.

Shit+ctrl+u to color, into monochrome line draft.

Apply a filter-Filter gallery-Sketch-scratch pad to this layer of thread. Thus get the paper texture and deep these contour lines.

Create a new layer, fill the color #bdae9a, and change the layer blending mode to "multiply".

Copy the original image of a character and place it on the top floor. Apply adjustment-threshold values. Adjust threshold levels, similar to the engraving effect.

Change the layer blending mode of the threshold layer to "multiply", opacity 65%. Get the following effect.

A new mask for the adjusted layer of the threshold value. Use ink splash brushes to wipe with different opacity and size.

Brush wipe also have nothing to say, rely on the feeling, more trained into, now the effect is as follows.

Masks display effects individually.

The creation of the character part of the poster body is complete. To avoid monotony, you can decorate it slightly with the brush above. A new layer, choose a red, embellishment can be.

The picture part of the poster is finished. Then only need to according to their own preferences, grasp a degree. Add text headings for typography.

Finally, according to the actual effect, make the final adjustment. Here I use the curve to add a bit of contrast, the picture is bright.

This is a relatively simple tutorial, but there are some filters and tuning commands that you may not be familiar with. such as contour and threshold values. Finally combine some nice brushes, with good text typesetting, as well as to create a good vintage poster.

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