PS make a lifelike beautiful lawn pattern

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Originally this is a bar friend's work, that friend works in I prefer is the angle line effect, feels very good, surpasses my imagination. White paint sprayed on the lawn the effect is simply too real, the drawback is that the ID and the English part of the general expression, there is no surprise,

The final effect I produced below is still unsatisfactory. Everyone will do it ~

Effect Chart:

First I Baidu a picture of the lawn ~

The new canvas is pasted into the lawn. With a brush preset a brush, a new layer of painting a well word chess, my childhood favorite ~

Ctrl+t free to change, let this well word match the perspective angle of the lawn ~

Double-click the string to enter the blending color band of the layer style, and hold down the ALT key in the next layer to move the half black button to the right.

At this time you have to grasp from the lawn layer reflected from the dark measurement, to where the most comfortable time to stop it ~

A very simple few steps to complete!

The above is the PS make lifelike beautiful lawn pattern method, hope everybody likes!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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