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This is the final image before we can see that we will create the final image through this tutorial. You can download a layered PSD document, at the bottom of this article

Create text let's start by creating a new document, which is 1000 pixel wide, 600 like Sogo, with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. The "background" layer is full of 75% Grays. Get the tool for the type and type "Halo". Sets the font size to 60 pt and word spacing. Actually the font you're using is not important, it will guide us and draw each letter from the beginning.

Draw to create a new layer named "text". Gets the pen tool, path selection. If you draw the path above the letter, the image below. Each letter should be this way, complete the command and click on the external path before another letter is followed by a separate path.

Place brush strokes to draw the last letter command and click outside the path to deselect. Gets the brush tool. Select a circle brush, go to Window > Brush Brush palette. Please turn off shape dynamics to 36 set diameter px and spacing to 255%.

Pour some colors to remove the "aura" layer because you don't need it. The foreground color is set to black. Go to the Path palette, open the Path menu, and select the stroke path. Make sure you select a brush in the Stroke Path dialog box to play well. Now you have a big point along the path. Now we need to add some color. Select the type layer layers panel and apply a gradient overlay using these settings: pattern = Gradient overlay with default gradients in it.

Organization hierarchy get Smudge tool from the Toolbox, select one of the standard round brushes, turn on the brush palette, turn off the shape dynamics, set the diameter 50px, spacing at 5%. Create a new layer, above the "text" layer, select the new layer, and in the "text" layer, then hit command + E to merge. The layer name "text".

Smear paint go to the path panel and select the Stroke path menu. Make sure that you select smudge in the Stroke Path dialog box and click OK. This will be a little smeared with paint. Repeat this step, more than two times. You can now click Work Path in the path panel of the outer escape path.

When you return the application of a layer style to the layers panel and make the text more visible, select the type layer and play command + J replication. Hit the two commands to merge + E. Play COMMAND + J to copy multiple layers and name this copy as "line" now, so that the "light" layer is not visible. Apply a bevel and embossed layer style to the text layer using these settings: style = > Bevel, technology = > Smooth, depth = > 175, Direction = > On size = > 20, corner = > 145, height = > 60, and Highlight opacity = > 90.

Make the Reflection dozen commands + J copy the "text" Layer and name it "reflective" copy. Go to edit > Transform > Flip Vertically. The reflection is placed below the text as shown below. We will apply a layer mask to the pale reflection. Click Add Layer Mask button, get gradient tool, pick black, white gradient and linear gradient apply to layer mask, as shown below. Set the layer opacity to 25%.

Create a light ray Select the "light" layer and make it visible. Go to filter > Blur > Radial blur, and use these settings: volume = > 100, fuzzy method = > Zoom quality = > Best. Played two times, two times more apply the filter Commad + F. For the color dodge and opacity "light" layer, set the blending mode at 55%. Hit Command + T, then set horizontal and vertical scaling in 140%. Placed in the light, below the image. Go to the Layers panel and drag under the "Light" layer "text" layer.

Working with backgrounds now we will apply the layer style to the "background" layer. Add one more times for the first time, click the background layer. You will see a new Layer dialog box, just press OK. Layer is named Layer 0 now. Use these settings for Graient overlay applications: Blending mode = > screen, graident = > Black, white, opacity = > in reverse add 40% base. = > Sign, size = > 55%.

Create a new layer by creating the above "Layer0″." Get the Mark tool for the Ellipse and make a selection as shown in the following figure, fill it with white. Make a command + D to cancel the selection. Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, with a Raidus 40 pixel application. Set layer opacity to 65%.

Creates a shadow copy "text" layer and names the copy "shadow." In the Layer palette, drag the layer "shadow" underneath the text layer. Makes the layer style invisible. Hit the COMMAND + T and shrink it and place it between the text and the reflection in the image below.

Create shadow hit Command + U put Hue/Saturation dialog box. Set to-90 brightness and application. Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur and 5 pixel radius and apply, then go to filter > Blur > Motion blur, set angle to 0 and distance 60 pixels.

The ultimate trait now we have a brighter color. Duplicate "type" layer. Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur and apply a raidus with 5 pixels. Set the blending mode to Overlay.

Congratulations are, that's all. If you want to try this tutorial, keep in mind that you can achieve different effects by using a different brush to create the point and daub the paint. You can use different gradient brush strokes to color the results differently. I hope this is a useful and interesting tutorial.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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