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The light silk word on the darker background is very beautiful. In fact, the more complex optical filaments are relatively simple single optical filament deformation and reproduction. Before making, we only need to use simple layer style to make a single darker light wire, and appropriately reduce the layer fill, and then copy, deformation can be a very good stack of light wire. Final effect

One, create a new 1200px * 2000px canvas.

Second, choose Gradient, Dark Gray (#464646) to Black (#000000), pull linear gradient, as shown.

Third, create a new layer, select the gradient tool, the gradient settings are as follows.

Four, pull linear gradient, layer mode change to color, fill change to 25%.

Five, a new layer, continue with the gradient, add a dark angle, gradient settings such as the figure.

Select the radial gradient and pull the radial gradient from the outside to the center.

Seven, the beginning of the production of fonts, we want to make PS school initials "PSXT", first input p, set layer style, here to note that I use Photoshop CS6, the order of the layer style and the previous version of the different, their own careful control.

Eight, then copy the font layer, change a font, and then make ctrl+t transformation, to adjust, do not and the first letter is too big, transform center point can move to the bottom of the font.

Nine, such continuous copying and modification of fonts, with a variety of fonts, 20 times after the repeat operation, it almost formed, and then the other several letters the same operation, you will get as the picture effect.

Make a picture selection with an elliptical constituency.

Xi. 20, filled with white, the pattern changed to soft light.

12, create a new 300x300 pixel canvas, double-click the layer to unlock, add layer style, here to note that I use Photoshop CS6, layer style and the order of the previous version of the different, carefully control.

13, will make the above custom pattern, then we will use.

14, back to the original canvas, make as the figure constituency.

XV, a new layer, filled with black, fill to 0%, add layer style, pattern is previously our custom pattern, here to note that I used Photoshop CS6, layer style of the order and the previous version of the different, their own careful control.

16, a new layer, and just the layer to merge.

17, the free transformation, the right key selection perspective.

18, change the opacity, change to 15%.

19, the font layer to synthesize a group, copy the group, and then free transformation, vertical Flip, the group moved the bottom of the font, set opaque 12%, do reflection effect.

Final effect:

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