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Effect Chart:

To create the text of the hacker Empire specific procedures are as follows:

Step one, first create a new layer, choose white, pixel size randomly set, here is set 800x600 bar. Then execute "filter--texture-particle", pop up the Particle Parameter setup dialog box, modify the parameters to look like the following figure:

Step two, now the foreground color of your layer is set to green, the background color is set to black, and then continue to perform the "filter--art--neon light", pop up the Neon Light parameter Settings dialog box, also change the above parameters to the following figure:

Step three, of course, this effect is not enough, we continue to perform the "filter-style-illuminate edge" processing, in the Illuminated Edge dialog box to change the parameters, as shown in the following figure:

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Step four, now found that there is the background of the hacker Empire. Is there rice? We add some text, then copy the text, perform the filter-blur-motion blur, and finally adjust the text position as shown in the following illustration:

Step five, and then look at the effect chart. As shown in the following illustration:

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