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Preview the final effect:

Material Download:

Harry Potter fonts Download

Texture Downloads

Bright light Download

The first step: we create a new canvas, the size of their own decision. Download and install the font material above, and enter 1 and O in the canvas, noting that O is not zero.

Then we add a blending style to the text, which is set as follows:

To add a gradient overlay:

Step two: Now download the texture and load it into the canvas. You can set its transparency to 60% first. So you can see if he's covered in the font.

After adding the texture, press CTRL + the left mouse button, and then go to the texture layer, click out a mask, so that the font has a texture overlay on top. When the mask comes out, set the blending options to: multiply low.

Step three: Now create a new layer on the mask, select the Pen tool, and draw a line from the middle. (note here, when drawing lines, the intersection of the line must be smooth). When the pen is buttoned up, set the brush size to 3, then the right mouse button-stroke path. Now it looks a little different and the next step tells you what to do.

We're painting the rest of the place. All the line blending options are set to soft light, we add a blending style to the line, and glow outside. White light of a size of 10PX.

Right-click the type layer and select the blending option. Click on the outside glow. Set to color Dodge, white color. The other setting is default. Repeat the same steps for all remaining letters.

Now we create a new background on the background layer, with the brush tool to point out a circle, note that the soft brush. Size is controlled by your canvas and then set its blending options to "dissolve". After doing well we put a new black background underneath it. Merge 2 layers, then go to filter > Blur > Radial blur, number to maximum.

In the selection of Gaussian blur, many more blur several times.

Now we're creating a new layer, reducing the size of the brush to point out a high light.

Fourth step: Download the forest material down. Then put to the bottom of the layer, this time we press Q, to the mask mode, from the bottom of the picture to pull the gradient, such as, after pulling, we press Q exit mode.

Go to the filter blur lens blur. Enter the settings shown below.

Now we add a hue/saturation above the top layer and set it as follows:

When you add a color scale:

Finally, we add the bright light material to the font to get a mix of options behind it.

Final Effect Diagram:

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