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This example is made of the effect of the leaf winding text, and the text of individual strokes with the leaves of the figure to replace, so that the text and leaf graphics to foil each other, to achieve the effect of graphic combination, as shown in Figure 2-110.

Figure 2-110 Completion effect

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Technical Tips

Make the text, leaves and tree branches of the example, mainly using the "Horizontal type" tool and "pen" and other path drawing tools. In addition, the three-dimensional and gloss effect of the tree, mainly uses the "color overlay", "gloss", "Bevel and Emboss", "Inner glow", "Inner Shadow", "Outer glow" and "projection" and other layer style effects. Figure 2-111 shows the flowchart for this example.

Figure 2-111 Making an overview

Production steps

(1) Start Photoshop, execute the "file" "new" command, and open the New dialog box. As shown in Figure 2-112, set up the New dialog box and create an additional document named "Leaf text."

Figure 2-112 Setting the new dialog box

(2) Set the foreground color to dark green (r:98﹑g:173, b:0), and then press the key on the keyboard to fill the background layer with the foreground color.

(3) Using the Pen tool in the Toolbox

Draw a closed path in the document, as shown in Figure 2-113.

Figure 2-113 drawing a closed path

(4) In the Path palette, click the "Load path as a selection" button at the bottom of the palette

, convert the path to a selection, and then press the key to remove the selected area, leaving only a border. As a background, as shown in Figure 2-114.

Figure 2-114 Production background

(5) Set foreground color to soil yellow (r:208, g:179, b:102). Use the horizontal Text tool in the Toolbox

, select the font to enter the word "tree" in the document. Then set its opacity to 60% on the layers palette. As shown in Figure 2-115.

Figure 2-115 Setting text opacity

(6) To determine the "type" layer is editable, the "layer" grid "text" command, the text grid. Then use the Polygon lasso tool

Create a selection by referring to Figure 2-116, press the key to remove the selection, and cancel the selection.

Figure 2-116 establishing a constituency

(7) Click the "Create New Layer" button at the bottom of the "layer" palette

, create a new layer 1. Press the key while you click the type layer to load the selection of the image in the layer and fill it with yellow (r:237,g:198,b:9). Press the key to cancel the selection float, as shown in Figure 2-117.

Figure 2-117 Copying the text layer 1 Category:

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