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1, according to their own needs to create a suitable size of the file, the foreground color set to #f5dcb9 light yellow, and then create a new layer 1, and then execute the filter-rendering-clouds.

2, then the implementation of filter-texture-texture, the pop-up in the panel to set the texture to canvas, zoom 110%, highlighting to 1, light up.

3, select the Polygon Lasso tool above the toolbar, create a polygon selection on the image, press the shortcut key ctrl+shift+i to perform the reverse election, press the DELETE key to delete the image in the selection.

4, select Layer 1, click "Add Layer Style", select "projection", such as the Picture Settings Pop-up dialog box.

5, now we find two pictures in the gallery, using the mobile tool to drag them to the work window.

6, now Select Layer 2, click the Add Layer Mask button, set the foreground color to black, use the gradient tool to add a gradient effect to the Layer 2 mask, and then use the black soft edge brush to make some adjustments. and set the Layer 2 blending mode to "multiply".

7, now select Layer 3, click the Add Layer Mask button, set the foreground color to black, and use the gradient tool to add a gradient effect to the Layer 3 mask.

8, set layer 3 blending mode to "multiply", opacity is 60%.

9, select Layer 2 and Layer 3, respectively, click the right mouse button, choose to create a clipping mask command, get a picture effect.

10. Open a picture of the material again, use the rectangular marquee tool to select a small piece of material, perform the "select" → "feather" command, set the feather radius to 20 pixels. Drag it directly into the work window with the Move tool and place it in the diagram position.

11, the layer 4 of the blending mode set to "soft light."

12, this step to the letter you need to enter each of the letters in the form of each layer, that is, a letter to occupy a layer.

13, the three-letter "N" grid.

14. Select the Custom Shape tool and create a male symbol underneath the word "N".

15, open the Style panel, select "Web Style" in the palette, and then select the diagram style.

16, in the Layers panel double-click the "N" word on the layer, open the Layer style panel. Select the projection panel and modify the parameters as shown.

17, click the right mouse button on the layer n, select "Copy layer Style" In the pop-up menu, then click the right mouse button on layer o and Layer e, and select "Paste Layer style".

18, select Layer N, click the Add Layer Mask button. Hold down the CTRL key and click the thumbnail of the layer o.

19, select the Lock tool, click the "Subtract from constituency" button in the toolbar option, and get the image selection.

20, will set the foreground color is #000000 black, press Alt+delete fills the selection, obtains the following diagram effect,

21, open layer N of the Layer style panel, select the mixed Options panel, such as diagram set parameters.

22, adjust the location of "E" as shown in the picture, click the Add Layer Mask button.

23, select Layer E, click the Add Layer Mask button. Hold down the CTRL key and click the thumbnail of the layer n. Select the Lock tool, click the Subtract from Selection button in the toolbar options, set the foreground color to black, fill the selection, and get a picture effect

24, new Layer 5, select the Custom Shape tool, under the "N" word to create a musical symbol, using the free transform command to adjust the graphics. Then copy layer E's layer style to layer 5.

25, hold down the CTRL key and click Layer 5 to get the music symbol selections. Select the Move tool and hold down the ALT key to drag the image to get a new image. Then use the free Transform command to adjust the graph to the graph effect.

26, add the above music symbols to copy a few more, and then adjust the different angles, respectively, move different positions.

27. Click on "Create new adjustment layer" below the layer panel, select Create "brightness/contrast" adjustment level in the pop-up menu, set brightness to-10, contrast is set to +12.

28, the following is our production of the final effect of the picture, is not very metal texture, and its irregular also has an artistic flavor Oh!

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