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Final effect

1, first, create a new 512x512 canvas, set as follows.

2, set the guide line, up and down each left out 20px margin, that is, the actual size of the icon is 472x472.

3, close to the guide line, with a shape tool to draw a positive circle, color casually, size should be 472x472, to this layer called "outside".

4. Set the layer style for this layer, as shown below.

5, with a round shape tool to create a 452x452 circle, named Middle, and the outside circle horizontally vertically centered, that is, this circle is smaller than the circle radius of the outer ring 20 pixels.

6, set the middle layer style as follows.

7, draw a 442x442 circle, or the other two circles horizontally vertically centered, so that there are 3 concentric circles. We name this layer as inner and set the layer style item "gradient overlay" as follows.

8, next, began to draw the inside part of the shape. First of all, we have to draw a circle, 422x422, named Ball-outside, and the other 3 circle horizontal vertical alignment, forming 4 concentric circles.

9, Next, it's about to start with the musical notes, the notes are made up of 5 parts, two oblique ellipses, two vertical rectangles, and a diagonal rectangle, we draw with the pen shape tool, and finally merge the 5 rectangles to form the notes, and the steps are as follows.

10, draw a good 5 parts, cut all the paths to the same layer, merge all the paths.

11, add the layer style to the notes, as shown below.

12, finally, the notes and the circle merge, the icon is basically completed, the effect of the following figure.

13, increase the texture. First, create a new layer, name it noise, fill it with black, then select filter-> noise-> in the top menu bar to add noise, set as follows. When you are done, move the layer above the outside layer and press CTRL+ALT+G to mask the layer and the outside layer.

14. Change the layer mode of noise layer to "filter color" so that the texture on the outer ring is finished.

15, the noise layer to copy a layer, moved to the top of the note layer, press the CTRL+ALT+G, the layer and note layer to do mask. Also change the layer mode of noise layer to "filter color", so that the sense of the notes is finished, the results are as follows.

16. Finally there is the high light effect of the blue spherical surface. Add the top high light first.

17, and then add the bottom of the reflection.

18, the layer transparency to 50%, layer mode changed to "soft light", the final result is as follows.

Polish it up and finish it.

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