PS make realistic and beautiful blue Pentagon diamond

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This tutorial is to a friend of the script House to share PS make lifelike beautiful blue Pentagon diamond method, the tutorial is really good, it is worth everyone to learn, recommend come over, everybody together to study!


1, in the PS software, a new 800*800 document, background color filled with black, select Custom Shape tool, draw a Pentagon shape, as shown in the picture

2, click on the Pentagon layer right grid layer, and then press CTRL+J to copy a layer, as shown in the picture

3, first hide the Pentagon layer copy, select the Pentagon layer, add radial blur in the filter, as shown in the picture

4. Ctrl-click the Pentagon shape layer copy to generate the selection, select feather on the menu bar, and press DELETE to delete the key, as shown in the picture

5, then in the Pentagon layer above create hue/saturation adjustment layer, as shown in the figure

6, next double-click Pentagon layer Copy Add layer style, adjust the color overlay, as shown in the picture

7. Open a picture of a diamond, then change the diamond layer mode to dark, as shown in the picture

The above is the PS makes lifelike beautiful blue Pentagon Diamond method Introduction, the operation is very simple, everybody learns? Hope everybody likes!

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