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First of course is to open Photoshop software.

1, the document background color selected as black. As long as the stamp color is not the same as the background color. Take a look at the picture below, there are two small boxes below the toolbar, and the one behind is setting the background color.

Point "file" → New. Create a new document, the pixel can be customized, generally 300*300 around. I set for 350*350, (a friend said that the size of the stamp is very large, here to add, the size of the stamp can be adjusted, the specific adjustment method in the back to speak).

2, the new layer, we must do this step oh. Point menu bar "layer" → "new layer", the layer name defaults to "Layer 1" background content select "Background Color" and then click "OK" confirmation.

3, select the first row under the toolbar, the first tool "elliptical marquee" tool, the first tool on the left side of the toolbar right button will come out an option, the mouse click the first row of the first tool, you should see the "Elliptical marquee" tool, and then start to draw a circle, select the Ellipse tool, Click the left mouse button while holding down the SHIFT key, the picture is round. Then we drew a circular dotted line, then point "edit" → "stroke", you can also directly in the circle point right "stroke", stroke width selected 3-5 pixels, the larger the number of lines thicker, stroke color selection white → OK. Note: Stroke line Color do not choose the same as the background color, that is, if the previous selection of the background color is black, then the best color to choose white Oh.

After the painting is like this Oh! Then right-click in the plot area to deselect.

4. Select the Type tool

, (note the size of the word should be appropriate, not too small ah, the color of the font can not be the same as the background color, font color in the Font menu bar to change ha) in the circle to write the name of the shop or you want to describe the word

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