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An oval rectangle is a shape in the middle of a circle and a rounded rectangle, and the theme icon draws one of the most popular shapes; some new and nearby friends ask me how to make this shape, so share my drawing method.

Final effect

Preparatory work:

Open Photoshop, create a new 600 * 600 canvas, other parameters default, point OK.

Method 1:

Move the mouse to the left toolbar Rectangle tool, click the triangle arrow to switch to polygon tool. Mouse to the options bar set Edge: 4, click the Set icon (gear), press expand, Shanping sliding corner.

Hold down SHIFT and hold down the left mouse button to draw in the middle of the canvas.

When magnified, it finds that its edges are imaginary pixels, and for more accurate display, the edges are aligned to the pixel grid.

Left-click Preferences > General, tick the last one to align the vector tool with the changing pixel grid.

When set, go back to the canvas Ctrl + T Select the shape, and press the left mouse button to move the shape automatically to align the pixel grid.

This is the quickest and simplest method, if you need to adjust the angle size, the precise approach is to use the direct selection tool in turn to the four edge of the anchor point inward or outward movement.

Method 2:

Select the Rounded Rectangle tool and click on the canvas to set the parameters of the window.

Point OK, draw out a rounded rectangle.

You can see the difference between the rounded rectangle and the elliptical rectangle, that is, the four edges outward slightly curved, so as long as the rounded rectangle based on the addition of an outward arc. Select the Ellipse tool and the options bar to select the merged shapes.

Add an oval shape to the rounded rectangle, and the radians on both ends of the ellipse coincide with the radians on both ends of the rounded rectangle, which is smoothed.

Copy, paste ellipse, add to other three edges, complete.

Method 3:

Select the Ellipse tool and click on the canvas to set the parameters of the window.

Point OK, draw a circle.

Select the circle, copy, paste, hold down SHIFT and the left mouse button to move up or down 90px.


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