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The tutorial effect is very lovely, the use of the layer style strawberry particles feel very lifelike, coupled with the effect of the gradient, very cute. The steps look a bit more, but it's not particularly difficult to do, it's mainly the setting of the layer style.

Specific tutorials:

1. Create a new 1024*768px size document, fill the background color #f8cece.

2. We use font Janda manatee (provided in the material), set the font color #f12f2f, font size of 300px, spacing 20, hit "52PSXT"

3. Copy a layer of font, get the copy layer, change the copy layer fill to 0%

4. Double-click the original font layer, we set the layer style as follows:

The results are generally as follows

5. Set the font copy layer style as follows:

9. Select the Mobile tool, come to the original font layer, press the right button on the keyboard two, the next key two

10. Copy the font copy layer, get the font copy Layer 2, right-click to clear the layer style, reset the layer style as follows:

11. New 100*100px size document, enlarge to the appropriate size, we use the Ellipse tool, set width 45px, height 85px, foreground color black, pull an ellipse.

12. Select the direct Selection tool, click on the lower end of the ellipse, continue to edit--free transformation point,

Hold down the ALT and shift keys and pull to the right. Because hold down the ALT key, so pull the side while the other side is pulling. The same method handles the above section, pulls outward, the approximate effect can be as follows. Edit--Defines the brush preset.

13. Come to the document, we set the brushes as follows:

Set the foreground color to #d9a907, create a new layer "seed" and scribble the following effect on the font:

14. Copy the seed layer, and we'll change the original seed layer's fill to 0%.

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15. Ctrl-click the original font layer to get the font selection.

Select-Extend 3px to get the selection as follows

16. We create a new layer "inner shadow" on the seed layer, the selection in the previous step is unchanged, edit the fill white

Change the layer fill to 0% and set the layer style as follows:

17. To keep the selection unchanged, we create a new layer "gradient" between the two copies of the font, and edit the fill white.

18. Rectangular Marquee tool, choose to reduce selection. box in the font "5", the 5 of the selection is removed. Other parts of the clip, paste.

We fill the font "5" Layer with 0% and set the layer style as follows:

The gradient settings are as follows:

The general effect is as follows

19. The same method handles the font "2", also fills 0%, sets the layer style gradient overlay, the color like 18 steps

20. The same method deals with other fonts, one layer for each letter, and the letter "P" gradients like 18 steps, and other letters like 19 steps.

21. Open the strawberry picture material, we use the magnetic lasso tool, will the strawberry part check out (just click the strawberry edge, along the strawberry Circle can), delete deletes, gets the leaf part, slightly modifies.

22. We will put the strawberry leaves on the top of the font, ctrl+t slightly change the position size.

23. Adjust the hue/saturation of strawberry leaves:

24. Add layer style to strawberry leaf;

25. The font part we have finished, and finally we deal with the background section. We open the dot material and define the pattern. Create a new "dot" layer on the background layer and edit the pattern that fills the previous step definition. Change layer mode to multiply, opacity 35%

26. Of course, you can also end the font around the point to wipe, and then play a small font, font clean line material provided. Completed.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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