PS Make water droplets ripple

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Final effect Diagram

1. To create a new file, we start with the water, fill the appropriate light blue, and use the pen tool to tick the diffused wave.

2. Choose the appropriate dark blue as the foreground color, brush brushes Choose suitable size and opacity (you can set according to the actual situation), stroke path.

3. For this layer of water waves with a mask, black for the foreground color, the use of spray gun to wipe out the water (there is no eraser is because the mask can be repeatedly modified)

4. Repeat the above steps, draw a few layers of water waves, in order to modify the convenience, you can build a layer of water waves per layer.

5. Use the spray gun to draw the most inner surface of the water, pay attention to the relationship between light and shade.

6. Below start painting splash of water droplets, build new layer, with pen tick water droplets shape, make constituency.

7. Enter the quick mask, with Gaussian blur blur two pixels, exit the quick mask, fill light blue (here do not use feather tool is because the feather tool is not intuitive, and quick mask can easily control your degree of virtualization)

8. With the spray gun to the water droplets on the general tone (attention and the transition), and then use the pen to hook out the dark part of the droplets, dark color for the foreground, stroke path.

9. Gaussian blur, and then like the second step with the gun to repair the dark part.

10. The same method of painting high light.

11. Deep painting, home some small water waves, can make the picture more real, (twist can use the liquefaction tool)

12. The completion of the water droplets merged layer and copy a layer, mirror, as the reflection of the surface, repair the shallow, in and wave transition at the bottom of a twist, ha, done!

Because the time is more than one hours to draw this picture, the picture has a lot of in-depth details, if you are interested can continue to deepen, so that the picture more real, this is just a shot, I hope that you can be extremely in-depth PS to study! I think the use of basic tools can use PS painting very rich effect, the key is more observation, Have a little more patience!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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