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First step: Create a document, size customization, fill color, color code: #17CBFF

Select the Yago tool. Size is: 400, transparency is: 30%, color for #0499e6. Then draw some dark parts on both sides of the frame and below.

Step Two: Then we add text to the above. The color is: #0497e5. There is no font available here, so let's find a cute, pretty font instead.

Copy one, change the color to: #084DA2, and then move a little below.

Step three: Now we add the blending mode > outer glow to the top font. The settings are as follows:


Step three: Now we separate the letters to make them overlap. Select the letter a after separating. Then add a blending style, set as follows:

The effect should be the following:

At this point we copy the A-letter layer style and paste it into several other letters.

On the last side of a a letter we need to add a style, as follows:

So it seems that the letter is a little different. Because it's a little dark.

Fourth step: Now we create a new layer under the letter, using a brush to do the shadow effect. The brush setting is the same as the one in front, so it's OK to turn the size down a little bit.

Fifth step: Now we make the gloss above the letter. Using the Ellipse tool, fill in: 0

The blending style is:

The results are as follows:

Then we put the elliptical grid, then the single letter A, select the piece above the letter, press Ctrl+j here, then delete the ellipse, now the gloss comes out.

Now we use the same method to make other text.

Sixth step: Now we add some bubbles. With the Ellipse tool, hold down the CTRL key and draw a positive circle, and the fill is still: 0.

Now we are adding a blending style:

Come out is this:

We're drawing a garden above, padding or 0, and then go to the blending option and set the following:

Our bubbles are coming out.

Copy a few more, and then become larger and smaller, everywhere put a point is done.

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