PS Master-level Scenery Palette Tutorial

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1.ACR image

The adjustment of a picture, often can have a variety of different tone or tonal effect, express different feelings. However, the effect of setting the parameters of various combinations at the same time needs to be repeated before the output, so that the snapshots in ACR can be used to record.

Unscramble the adjusted image in ACR, and when Photoshop is turned on, if you are dissatisfied, or have another idea, and want to go back to ACR to readjust, you can solve the problem by opening the smart object.

2.RAW format

Open the file in Photoshop.

Twilight receded, the cold wind began, weeds luxuriant, the Great Wall solemn and stirring.

The light was already dark and wanted to show the weeds in the cold and the Great Wall in the mountains. In order to ensure the high quality of the later to make weeds, specially photographed raw format image.

3. Slightly modified

Turn on the high light and shadow trim warnings on the histogram. The original film is not exposed, in the basic adjustment parameters area, increase exposure to 1.5 block. The sky has been exposed, the "recovery" slider to the right, until the high light over the exposure disappeared. Lower the "black" parameter, the less exposed parts of the bushes disappear. Improved contrast and color saturation, now the film looks a bit like. 4. Set color appropriately

The sky is too bright to be pressed dark.

Select the gradient filter in the toolbar. Pull the gradient line from the top down in the sky. Adjust parameters in the parameter area, reduce exposure and brightness parameters, see the sky darkened, improve saturation parameters The color of the sky looks good.

The color can be set appropriately to make the blue sky brighter.

5. Emphasis on Sunset

Need to emphasize the warm tone of the sunset.

Select the split tonal adjustment card. Moves the specular saturation slider to the right to increase the warm saturation of the illuminated part of the image, which is very strong in the sunset.

6. Mode record

The effect is satisfactory, but you want to try something else, so you need to record this effect.

Select the Snapshot tab, click the bottom set up new snapshot icon, in the pop-up "建新 snapshot" window, you can give the current effect of a suitable name, such as: Sunset Warm tune. Click the OK button, and the effect is recorded in the Quick Face panel as a snapshot.

7. Compared with the original film

Want to compare with the original piece that didn't make the adjustment at first. Click the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the adjustment card and select the "Reset Camera raw Defaults" command at the bottom of the pop-up menu to restore the original state of the image.

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