PS Mouse Painted Roses

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Effect Chart:

1, use the Pen tool to tick out the shape of the flower, fill RGB color 150, 16, 25.

2. Use a pen to tick the left petal (just part of the whole petal, because the whole petal is wrapped), copied to a new layer.

3, continue to use the Pen tool to check out the next petal, copied to a new layer.

4, continue to use the Pen tool to check out the next petal, copied to a new layer.

5, have done a few petals in accordance with the original set, with "deepen" and "Dodge" tool painted dark side and the high light part. (Exposure is about 10%, not too big).

6, in the middle of the blank part of the drawing of another petal shape, paint a layered sense.

7, in turn, draw the inside of the petals, to make a sense of hierarchy ("Deepen" and "dodge" exposure is not greater than 10%, so that the whole flower has been painted well).

8, now began to draw flowers under the leaves, also use the Pen tool to check out one of the shapes, and then "deepen" and "Dodge" (exposure degree 10%) to make changes in light and shade.

9, the same one to draw the other leaves, and with the pen tool to do light and shade changes.

10, move the flowers to the top, in the scene with the pen tool to draw the shape of the branches, and then use the "smear" tool to paint the small thorn on the branch. (The Smudge tool has a small diameter of around 2 pixels.) )

11, with 10% "deepen" and "dodge" carefully to make the branches of the Light and shade, (brush diameter not too small, including the front of the flowers and leaves do not use too small diameter, otherwise too obvious light and shade handover). Make some more details on the branches.

12, (1) First draw the petiole, make light and shade changes.

(2) Draw a leaf, the surrounding sawtooth can use a pen or lasso tool to deduct some made out. With a larger exposure diameter of a small "dodge" tool to draw the vein of the leaves, and then use "deepen" to make a deep line next to the vein. Finally, the overall use of "deepen" and "Dodge" tool to adjust the light and shade.

13, then use the same method to draw the other two leaves, and finally the 3 leaf adjustment to a suitable position on it.

14, this basic painting is good, but the rose is a relatively large thorn, this we can do in the branches when painting up, you can also to the final complement. Use the Pen tool to draw a sharp angle, fill in the dark yellow, with the "deepen" "Dodge" tool to adjust, where the Thorn root and branch connection can use the "smudge" tool fusion.

15, the final rotation of the whole pattern, make shadows (each shadow is made alone). Well, that's it.


Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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